The British Empire: Why?
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The British Empire: Why?

A Reluctant Imperialism in a Fit of Absence of Mind?

Dominique Chathuant
Monday 14 October 2013

Short excerpts to discuss two debates and controversies on British imperialism

  • Half the world, Conquered and Peopled in a Fit of Absence of Mind? (John Sealey, The Expansion of England, London, 1883)
  • Reluctant Imperialists? (Pr.H.C. Mathew, ’’The Liberal Age, 1851-1914’’ in K. O. Morgan (Ed.), The Oxford History of Britain, vol. 5: The Modern Age, 1851-1987, Oxford University Press, 1992).
    Map of the Britanised World, 1886

Par Dominique Chathuant

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