The Domesday Book
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The Domesday Book

Dominique Chathuant
Thursday 30 November 2006

The land of Robert Malet

Godwin, a freeman, held it. Two carucates of land in the time of king Edward. Then and afterwards 8 villeins; now 3. Then and afterwards 3 bordars; now 5. At all times 3 serfs, and 30 acres of meadow. At all times 2 carucates in demesne (…) Woods for 8 swine, and 2 mills. Here are located 13 socmen, of 40 acres of land. At all times 8 swine, then 20 sheep, and it is worth 60 shillings.

  1. Who ordered this report? When? Why?
  2. What does this source contain? What can we learn about England during the 11th century?
  3. How has Robert Malet got this land? Who did it belong to? What could you say about each one of them?
  4. How many villains used to live on the domain at the time when the source was written? How many bordars?
  5. Work out the value of the land in pounds.

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